Jay Scott

My personal website. I expect it’s bigger than you expect it is.

“Being called a traitor by Dick Cheney is the highest honor you can give an American.”
Edward Snowden (old quotes)

I work at The Math Forum, which is part of Drexel University in Philadelphia. My name is common; if you need to disambiguate, use Jay J.P. Scott.

self portrait, January 2000 ME

my big stuff

The Daily Whale Serious satire for thinking beings, made fresh daily. 22 November 2014: mysterious rumors

Poems My collected poems. Latest: Take a Swan Song and Make It Brighter, added 2 October 2013.

Machine Learning in Games A resource for artificial intelligence researchers and intrepid game programmers.

my little stuff

Ouxu A fun artificial language of my design.

Lojban A sophisticated artificial language (designed by many).

infrared photographs Five IR photos. Maybe someday I’ll get around to showing off my ordinary pictures too.

SWAPA Extracts SWAPA is a place I write stuff. Here are many pages of stuff I’ve written on many random topics. Last updated 28 April 2013

Authorial Intent A poetry-writing program unlike any other.

Planet Wars 2010 and followup My entry in the 2010 game AI contest, with post mortem and newer bots I wrote afterward.

Markybot Will extraterrestrial life be proved to exist? Nobody knows, but the Foresight Exchange “idea futures” market has some insight. I wrote Markybot, an autonomous FX trading robot, which competes against human traders for profits. Its trading model is out of date, and lately it has been slowly losing money.

silly terms of service Terms of service agreements are often silly. I’ve collected a few examples.

Jay Scott <jay@satirist.org>
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