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AIIDE 2021 - McRave versus Dragon

McRave recorded all 157 games versus Dragon, but Dragon recorded only 155. I was able to align the files anyway, because Dragon’s missing games were clearly due to Dragon’s 2 crashes. I manually removed the corresponding games from McRave’s records. Then there was one more fix: The game of round 97 that McRave and Dragon both recorded that they had lost. Officially, McRave had timed out and Dragon won, so I manually altered Dragon’s game record to give it the win.

Dragon doesn’t record anything but win/loss and its own strategy, so it has nothing to say about how McRave played.

mcrave strategies versus dragon strategies

overall1rax fe2rax bio2rax mechbiodirty worker rushmass vulturesiege expand
overall51/155 33%4/20 20%14/40 35%6/17 35%9/24 38%2/2 100%3/6 50%13/46 28%
HatchPool,12Hatch,2HatchMuta21/66 32%0/7 0%5/14 36%3/5 60%2/11 18%-2/2 100%9/27 33%
HatchPool,12Hatch,2HatchSpeedling0/1 0%--0/1 0%----
PoolHatch,12Pool,2HatchMuta1/9 11%0/2 0%0/2 0%1/2 50%---0/3 0%
PoolHatch,12Pool,3HatchMuta14/36 39%1/3 33%6/14 43%1/2 50%6/11 55%-0/3 0%0/3 0%
PoolHatch,Overpool,2HatchMuta9/26 35%3/4 75%1/7 14%0/4 0%1/2 50%--4/9 44%
PoolHatch,Overpool,2HatchSpeedling2/2 100%----2/2 100%--
PoolHatch,Overpool,3HatchMuta4/15 27%0/4 0%2/3 67%1/3 33%--1/1 100%0/4 0%

Another reaction build: PoolHatch,Overpool,2HatchSpeedling was a reaction to Dragon’s worker rush, and taught Dragon not to do that.

dragon as seen by mcrave

dragon played#mcrave recognized
1rax fe2012 Unknown,Unknown,Unknown | 5 RaxCC,1RaxFE,5FactGoliath | 3 RaxCC,1RaxFE,Unknown
2rax bio4031 Unknown,Unknown,Unknown | 6 2Rax,Main,Unknown | 1 2Rax,Main,1FactTanks | 1 RaxCC,1RaxFE,Unknown | 1 2Rax,Expand,Unknown
2rax mech1714 Unknown,Unknown,Unknown | 2 2Rax,Main,Unknown | 1 2Rax,Proxy,Unknown
bio2411 RaxCC,1RaxFE,5FactGoliath | 7 Unknown,Unknown,Unknown | 3 RaxCC,1RaxFE,1FactTanks | 3 RaxCC,1RaxFE,Unknown
dirty worker rush22 Unknown,Unknown,WorkerRush
mass vulture65 Unknown,Unknown,Unknown | 1 RaxFact,Unknown,2PortWraith
siege expand4618 Unknown,Unknown,Unknown | 13 RaxFact,Unknown,5FactGoliath | 9 RaxCC,1RaxFE,5FactGoliath | 4 RaxCC,1RaxFE,Unknown | 2 RaxFact,Unknown,Unknown

Not much to see here; we already knew that McRave had trouble scouting Dragon. Much of what it did recognize was correct, at least. Though what McRave saw as a proxy, Dragon called “2rax mech”. The game is game 2767 from round 61 (replay file) on Heartbreak Ridge. Nothing in it resembles a proxy; it must have been a McRave bug.


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