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AIIDE 2021 - McRave versus WillyT

These tables tell more about McRave than about WillyT. Blue is good for McRave, red is good for WillyT.

mcrave strategies versus willyt strategies

overall1 rush2 fe bio-mech3 fe mech4 tonk
overall48/157 31%16/41 39%9/54 17%12/47 26%11/15 73%
HatchPool,12Hatch,2HatchMuta29/89 33%10/20 50%6/32 19%10/33 30%3/4 75%
PoolHatch,12Pool,3HatchMuta19/55 35%6/18 33%3/16 19%2/12 17%8/9 89%
PoolHatch,Overpool,2HatchMuta0/13 0%0/3 0%0/6 0%0/2 0%0/2 0%

I find it strange that McRave’s overpool into 2 hatch muta failed in every case. Is it a reaction build that turned out to be a misreaction to what WillyT does? Probably not, it was tried against every WillyT opener. McRave’s other 2 builds were about equal, though the table shows that they were best in different cases. Switching between them was likely correct. The ratio that they were tried in also looks good to me: You want a ratio that leads to the final results being about equal.

WillyT would have done better without 15 tonk builds.

willyt as seen by mcrave

willyt played#mcrave recognized
1 rush4140 Unknown,Unknown,Unknown | 1 RaxCC,1RaxFE,Unknown
2 fe bio-mech5423 RaxCC,1RaxFE,Unknown | 20 RaxCC,1RaxFE,1FactTanks | 6 Unknown,Unknown,Unknown | 5 RaxCC,1RaxFE,5FactGoliath
3 fe mech4733 RaxCC,1RaxFE,5FactGoliath | 8 Unknown,Unknown,Unknown | 6 RaxCC,1RaxFE,Unknown
4 tonk1513 Unknown,Unknown,Unknown | 2 RaxFact,Unknown,5FactGoliath

Both the rush and the tonk build usually denied scouting, which seems like it should have been important because the builds call for opposite reactions. Yet McRave defeated the tanks and had less trouble with the rush than with WillyT’s expansion builds. RaxCC and 1RaxFE seem simple enough to recognize, and were. The followup seems harder to recognize, and was. I doubt that so many were actually 5FactGoliath.


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