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AIIDE 2021 - McRave versus DaQin

Blue is good for McRave, red is good for DaQin.

mcrave strategies versus daqin strategies

overall122/157 78%3/3 100%119/154 77%
HatchPool,12Hatch,2HatchMuta102/123 83%3/3 100%99/120 82%
PoolHatch,9Pool,2HatchMuta1/3 33%-1/3 33%
PoolHatch,9Pool,3HatchMuta1/2 50%-1/2 50%
PoolHatch,9Pool,6HatchHydra0/2 0%-0/2 0%
PoolHatch,Overpool,2HatchMuta18/23 78%-18/23 78%
PoolHatch,Overpool,3HatchMuta0/3 0%-0/3 0%
PoolHatch,Overpool,6HatchHydra0/1 0%-0/1 0%

Move along, nothing to see here folks.

mcrave as seen by daqin

mcrave played#daqin recognized
HatchPool,12Hatch,2HatchMuta12393 Not fast rush | 18 Unknown | 12 Heavy rush
PoolHatch,9Pool,2HatchMuta31 Not fast rush | 1 Unknown | 1 Fast rush
PoolHatch,9Pool,3HatchMuta22 Fast rush
PoolHatch,9Pool,6HatchHydra21 Unknown | 1 Not fast rush
PoolHatch,Overpool,2HatchMuta2322 Not fast rush | 1 Heavy rush
PoolHatch,Overpool,3HatchMuta32 Not fast rush | 1 Heavy rush
PoolHatch,Overpool,6HatchHydra11 Not fast rush

Apparently 9 pool is sometimes a fast rush and sometimes a not fast rush.

daqin as seen by mcrave

daqin played#mcrave recognized
ForgeExpand5GateGoon33 FFE,Forge,5GateGoon
ForgeExpandSpeedlots15488 FFE,Forge,Speedlot | 24 FFE,Forge,5GateGoon | 23 FFE,Gateway,Speedlot | 7 FFE,Forge,ZealotArchon | 6 FFE,Nexus,Speedlot | 2 FFE,Nexus,5GateGoon | 2 FFE,Forge,Unknown | 2 FFE,Gateway,5GateGoon

There are those dragoons again, even when DaQin believes it is making zealots. I imagine that something in McRave’s recognizer is approximate. It only matters if McRave reacts to its own wrong recognition, though.


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