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SSCAIT game Stardust-Dragon

Today’s tournament game Stardust v Dragon was fun and instructive. Dragon used vulture mines aggressively, and shifted gradually from all vultures to all tanks. The effectiveness of a small number of tanks with a large number of vultures is worth understanding, but don’t overlook that the terran army was larger. It’s interesting to compare the changing worker counts throughout the game.

2 tanks and vultures hold off dragoons


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Dan on :

The game is a great demonstration of what Terran can do with mines before Observers come out. Terran bots are usually dependent on Siege Mode for combat efficacy, but Spider Mines are another effective way of combatting Dragoons in the early game.

The biggest story of this game is Stardust's workers failing to resume labor after retreating from the Vultures. A game-deciding bug. At the point Stardust cleared its natural of Vultures, it should have been in a decisively winning position due to the long delay on Dragon's natural, but the mining losses set it well behind; those workers were worse than dead.

Jay Scott on :

And mines require a lot of skill to play against without observers. Stardust made mistakes

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