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SSCAIT round robin results

The SSCAIT round robin crosstable has just filled up with all games played. I hope and expect that games where one bot failed to start due to server problems will be replayed, as they were last year, so the rankings should shuffle a bit.

BananaBrain and Krasi0 are tied at the top, closely followed by Monster and Stardust. There’s a gap before PurpleWave at #5. Winning percentages at the top are down somewhat from over 95% last year. A little lower in the rankings, starting from #8, winning percentages are up. I think it shows the pattern of improvement. The topmost bots are well ahead of all others, and close in strength. They consistently defeat lower ranks and have hard fights among themselves, so the winning percentages are slightly down. But all the top 16 are stronger than last year, and they scored better against the remainder.

Bots that have not been updated: BetaStar fell from #4 last year to #6. Iron fell from #7 to #9. Xiao Yi fell from #9 to #14. TyrProtoss bucked the trend and rose from #17 to #13. To pick a couple other prominent examples, Skynet by Andrew Smith fell from #19 and 58.33% to #25 and 51.79%. On the other hand, XIMP by Tomas Vajda went from #23 and 56.48% to #21 and 55.36%, holding its position. In the overall bot pool, specialized anti-carrier play has not improved.

Steamhammer stands at #10 and 70.54%, about the same as last year’s #12 and 65.74%. In both years, bots at that level are closely spaced in results, and a couple slots up or down is not significant. Steamhammer was able to keep pace without updates because it has more learning data than last year, when its data had been cleared recently. Even so, many of its losses to the lower ranks were due to lack of experience. It could have scored better if I had copied learning data from BASIL for some opponents.


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Dan on :

LinesPrower's crosstable:

I love how many of the matchups among the top 9 especially were split 1-1. It'll be an exciting bracket.

Jay Scott on :

Yes, though 10 through 16 are just along for the ride. :-)

Dan on :

162 no-start games are being re-run.

Jay Scott on :

Great! I see the re-games running right now.

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