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new bot Praetor Talis

New protoss bot Praetor Talis appeared on BASIL today. It is named after a Starcraft 2 hero.

It plays a fixed strategy with minor adaptations. It opens with economically efficient 10-12 gates and seems to switch from zealot to dragoon production after 9 to 11 zealots, when range research is well underway. It expands shortly after. The mix of zealots and dragoons in the middle game seems to be adaptive. If the game goes on, it techs to dark templar and expands further. It may get upgrades; I’ve seen it get attack and armor simultaneously. It adds cannons sometimes. I didn’t figure out the rules, but facing dark templar I saw it add one cannon per nexus. Mining looks efficient. Probes can defend themselves from harassing workers, and have some ability to run away from danger. The bot can rebuild when key buildings are destroyed.

Its micro is not up to the strong protoss bots. I watched seemingly weaker opponents can beat it by sound basics (Simplicity), or by leading early zealots on a goose chase until forces were adequate (CUNYBot by Bryan Weber). But Praetor Talis has a remarkably full set of skills for a brand new bot. I’m guessing the author has experience.

It has one update so far after its initial upload. Keep up the good work!


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Dan on :

Given its playstyle, presence on BASIL but not SSCAIT, naming after an SC2 character, and employment of a muscular build order that transitions very smoothly, I've been guessing it's a SH fork by the author of Broken Horn. Your take?

Jay Scott on :

It does seem like a fork. Building placement is similar to Steamhammer, with disorderly pylons and paired buildings. The sloppy unit movement is similar too. A strong clue is that it shares Steamhammer’s habit of building extra workers after a new base is started, and leaving them idle until transferring them in time for the base to finish.

Dan on :

A new SH fork hit the ladder this weekend: liongis, named DaQinZ in its config and authored by LionGIS like

Jay Scott on :

Yes, I noticed it. I’ll get to it shortly.

MicroDK on :

It has reached 2896 ELO now on Basil. Pretty good for a new bot if it is made from scratch.

Jay Scott on :

It seems to be a Steamhammer fork, though.

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