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new bot MacRobot

New zerg bot MacRobot, describes itself as “Student project based on Steamhammer 3.5.11 using experimental reinforcement learning-based build order recommendations after opening book. PoC version (mostly to test SSCAIT compatibility), will be disabled (RL model not yet well-trained).” PoC stands for Proof of Concept. It’s serious about being up only for testing. It was active for such a short time that I could not grab the binary to look at.

There is an obvious name connection with MicRobot, which I wrote up in April last year. MicRobot’s author is given as Robert Karpiel, and MacRobot may be by the same author.

MicRobot has changes apparently related to micro, as you might expect, and MacRobot claims to have macro learned by reinforcement learning. It will be interesting when it comes back up—assuming, of course, that the concept ends up proved. So far, the uploaded version has 6 crashes out of 7 games on BASIL—I think the RL component is turned off or not working, and the game stops at the end of the opening book.


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Bytekeeper on :

The author clarified the situation on Discord. The bot is part of their thesis. It uses a pre-trained NN-based build order recommendation system.

It won't work on BASIL because no read data was provided so the bot crashes when trying to load the model.

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