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AIIDE 2023 running results

I was excited to learn that the AIIDE 2023 results are coming in live, this year. Though I see that the detailed results and win percentage over time are not updated as often as the overall results. My first impression is that the ranking so far is exactly what I expected it to be. Looking a little closer, McRave is doing substantially better versus Dragon than last year. (That is last year’s physical hardware version, to match this year.) Both are carryovers, so the difference may be due to the maps, or to the luck of learning. Well, the tournament is not far along. We’ll see how it goes with more data.

It looks like I was wrong about Steamhammer versus BananaBrain. Steamhammer is not as successful there as I expected. Either my tests were unrealistic in some way, or else I introduced a late bug. Or maybe BananaBrain was improved in a way that makes it harder for Steamhammer to do early damage. Steamhammer should put up a good fight in any game where it can kill some probes early on.

I will upload Steamhammer 3.6 to SSCAIT shortly.


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