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Dave Churchill has updated SparCraft

The SparCraft combat simulator is an important feature of UAlbertaBot. Dave Churchill has updated SparCraft to a new “semistable” version, on a branch at the UAlbertaBot repository: sparcraft update branch.

I haven’t looked closely at the new SparCraft yet, but I have glanced through. I thought the headline features were:

  • More and better control over the details of the simulation. Part of it is a fancier configuration file. You can tweak details of the simulation to more closely match your bot’s actual micro (matching the enemy is not as easy).
  • Flying units are “supported correctly”.
  • No limit on the number of units in the simulation.

There are new data structures that use less memory and the simulation is more faithful in some respects, so we can hope that results are more accurate. I see changes to the implementation of healing, so maybe medics will be better simulated.

Time will tell, but on the face of it this is an important update. I’ll be trying it out as soon as I get through immediate priorities.


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