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McRave and Microwave

The SSCAIT news is that McRave and Microwave have been steadily climbing up the ranking. I’ve been watching it happen for a while. Just recently McRave edged past Steamhammer in elo, pushing Steamhammer down from #4 to #5. Today Microwave has moved ahead of McRave. The 3 bots seem quite close in strength for now.

Maybe the two authors would like to comment on their improvements?

According to my machine learning algorithm, the important common factor between protoss McRave (made from scratch) and zerg Microwave (a Steamhammer 1.o fork) is the -ave name. I speculate that there may be a connection with Aves, the birds. In any case, the hypothesis suggests that PurpleWave may be the next climber, and I hear that plans have been laid.

Now back to work. My tactical changes have introduced some new misbehavior that must be addressed, and not with “hello, misbehavior.”


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BirdleWaveJadien on :

Well, you know what they say about the best-laid plans, and my plans are certainly the best.

MicroDK on :

I am surprised that Microwave has been climbing this fast the last few days. The last update was on 25th April and I only added a 9Hatch9Pool to the openings vT and vP. Some of the ELO gain is luck. Two games vs Iron was won because Iron crashed. Ok, Microwave has a couple of regular wins also but Iron is stronger after its last update. A lot ELO has been gained by surprisingly winning the last 5-6 games vs Bereaver even if Microwave lost 1-4 in the last mini tournament. Also, Micowave has won the last 2-3 games vs LetaBot (Martin Rooijackers).

Jay Scott on :

Hmm... luck does make a big difference. I’ve also seen old games age out of the rating computation and bring a seemingly sudden boost. Improvements sometimes take quite a while to be reflected in the elo.

McRave on :

About the only change I made that vastly improved the way my units behave was to include unit deaths in calculating which side has momentum, it forced my units to keep fighting if we were in a winning position.

Jay Scott on :

Isn’t it striking how sometimes a small change makes a big difference? It’s a sign that ways forward are close by, waiting to be found. We’ll know we’ve gotten somewhere when big improvements are always difficult.

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