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AIIDE 2019 - unknown maps tournament

The AIIDE 2019 unknown maps competition results are up. At first glance, the biggest surprise is that the ranking is extremely similar to the ranking in the main tournament. 10 bots chose to compete. The weakest players did not participate, so the winning rates for all bots are lower than in the main tournament.

The results for some reason don’t include a straight listing of the 5 maps used. They are (2) Polaris Rhapsody, (3) Longinus 2, (4) Arcadia 2, (4) Fighting Spirit, and (4) Roadkill. Fighting Spirit is of course familiar to SSCAIT participants. The first 4 maps are classics from the KESPA era (which ended in 2012) and Roadkill is a more recent design.

I know from test games that Steamhammer plays well on Arcadia. (I test Steamhammer on all kinds of maps as a regular thing.) I’m pleased to see that reflected in the map statistics. Other map preferences that stand out are that DaQin likes Polaris Rhapsody and dislikes Fighting Spirit, Microwave prefers Roadkill, and Iron had trouble on Roadkill.

I will analyze the unknown maps tournament, at least to some extent. I’m not sure exactly how. There’s a bit of an embarrassment of riches at the moment.


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