Utena - Aiko’s arc

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Aiko walks toward the camera, her hands held forward.

One of Nanami’s three minions, with Keiko and Yuuko. Unlike the nerd boys who try to be indistinguishable and come close, the minions are all different from each other. The name Aiko suggests that she is loving, but it is false. Her hair curls outward for her outwardly-directed cruelty rather than her outwardly-directed love.

In the picture, Aiko has just proposed that they should all serve Nanami. It was her idea. She walks unsteadily toward the others, her arms held forward awkwardly, and the three clasp hands. All want to become closer to Touga via Nanami. I don’t know why Aiko is clumsy.

It is Aiko’s most active moment. And it was inspired by Yuuko, who had just said that Nanami chose them. In episode 3, Aiko goes before Yuuko in accusing Anthy. But in episode 21 where the three have bigger roles, Yuuko acts before Aiko. After Nanami, Keiko, and Yuuko berate Utena for supposedly chasing Touga, Aiko goes last and adds (basically) “Nyah nyah nyah!” (The most interesting part of the scene is that Utena imitates the expression of each of them as they speak.)

Jay Scott <jay@satirist.org>
first posted 19 August 2023
updated 15 May 2024