Poems by Jay J.P. Scott

(Not to be confused with other people named Jay Scott.)

Latest addition: Take a Swan Song and Make It Brighter, added 2 October 2013.

Read my best poems or look to the blue bar on the left. Most of these were originally written for the Daily Whale, my daily joke, epigram, or satirical tidbit. All are short; most are funny; all are formalist (no free verse, other than the odd parody), though some of the forms are alien to tradition.

The earth was bashed together from rocks,
The bunnies of dead stars’ dust, stark raving sparks
Thrown when the burning universe broke.
Writes in pencil and crosses out in ink.

In my garden, I pull the maples
That come each spring. I imagine your narrow heel
Printing an old message by the pile.
   I learned
That fire spreads to the smallest scrap of fuel.
April 2008

I also wrote a poetry program, Authorial Intent.