Index of Titles

1463.5 Achilles and Aeneas Advice to Participants in the Illegal Surveillance Programs Afflatus The Age is Hilarious Alexander Pope Examines the RIP Bill The Antichrist Arc of the Ankle Ask Not For Whom the Thunder Rolls The Bailiwick’s Barnacle Bake The Ballad of Frightening Small Children Barbary Be Not the First Beauty Beauty Has Teeth Before a Fall Blauäugig Building Jerusalem Where it Is Now Cake Capitol Fever Catherine Civil Debate Climb Parnassus The Closest Full Moon Since The Last Time This Happened The Correct Way to Double the Toil and Trouble The Courtesan Crazy Creation Myth Cupertino Darwin Death, Be Not Sad Deep Learning Desperation Down the Tubes Dream: The Roads of Colossi Earth Eating Song Emily Dickinson Summarized End in Trash The End of History Evil Bob Dylan - Tangled Up In Blue Evil Bob Dylan - The Carpet’s Not Yellow, It’s Chicken Exploding Haiku Fatherland Fly to Mars The Flying Dugong Friday Evenings General Advice to Miscreants Gizzard Green Cheese Haiku Haiku Homeland Security Advisory System How to Be a Poet How You Feel When You’re Middling Good I Love U-235 I Write the Ads Immortal Remains In the Best Modern Way Instructions from the Clan Chief It’s Time to Rise • And Face the Day Jack and Jill Jesus Dance Laser Corneal Ablation Launch the Fireworks! Layers Lexical Semantics Made Simple Literature Trivia Loosening the Sky Loved and Lost Mad Song Make Me a Martian The Masters’ Works Metaphysical Poets Summarized Metazoans are Heterotrophic Miranda on Presidents Mostly Works Moving Van Mutation and Recombination My Candle Myanmar Shave Near-Waking Experience Net Work Neutron Bomb The New Democracy New Formalist Manifesto, First Draft New Formalist Manifesto, Second Draft New Formalists New Korean War Ninety-Nine Years of Ogden Nash The No Yes Song A Note to Artificial Language Designers O Brexit Deal Obama 2012 Obstruction of Justice Ogden Nash On the Tower The One Count Oompa Loompa Land Located in North Korea Oulipo in Summary Peas with Shaving Cream Pedestrian Elegy Perdition The Placing of Blame The Poetry ABC Song The Political Promise President Double-You Proposed New Air Force Motto Reality Star Adultery Red-Winged Blackbirds Religion and Science Republican Romanticism Summarized Romney 2012 Saint Valentine Salutation to a Previous Generation Santa’s Sleigh Ride at 1000 km/s Seahorse Rocking Chair The Second Vulture The Serbian Ethnic Cleansing Song The Sink Is Full Speak Now A Story The Sunset Susan Lynn Elliott Sweet Dreams Symmetry Take a Swan Song and Make It Brighter Take Me Home, Taxi Ride That Big a Star There Are Different Ways of Looking at Things Tsiolkovsky Outbound Tunisia Revolution Turtle and Frogs Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star The Two Raindrops U.N. Resolution Walk Off A Water Drop We Were Children Weekly World News What Really Makes the World Go Around What They Do to Food Before Taking its Picture Who Can Know? Why Oh Why Don’t People Still Write This Way? A Word to Matthew Arnold xuncutspi You Only Think You’re Confused Your Mark zilcrino