10 August 2010 - traffic engineering

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A New Show at the Security Theater

Airline security is not about security, which is unachievable anyway, it’s about what really matters, the feeling of security. Inconveniencing people makes them feel safe. It’s time to loft that principle to the next level to solve one of the great quandaries of our age, and at last to bend our decades of traffic engineering experience to their true purpose. Traffic lights should be retimed to induce traffic jams. The people will feel so safe that police officers can be fired en masse and the FBI can be dissolved, bringing many governments back to solvency.


“You’re far more likely to be killed in a highway crash than be blown up on an airliner, so why aren’t we out there spending billions and stripping away liberties in the name of highway safety?” — airline pilot Patrick Smith

give me a clue so sweet and true

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