Utena - character arcs

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In progress. Lots more to do.

My plan is to summarize the story threads by character. Protagonists like Juri will cover the main threads. Contributing characters like Shiori will have their own arcs and refer to the protagonist. Minor characters like Yuuko will get brief descriptions. The “nerd boys” Suzuki, Yamada, Tanaka are a unit and I take them as one. Protagonists Akio, Anthy, Utena of the main storyline are already written up elsewhere, but there is more to say about each individually.

All Utena characters are messed up, without exception. It’s part of the allegory: Our backward patriarchal culture uses its system of control to impel people to play unnatural roles and make bad decisions. The messed-up system messes people up.


Aiko - Akio - Anthy - Chu-Chu - Dios - Juri - Kanae - Keiko - Kozue - Mamiya - Mikage - Miki - Mitsuru - Mrs. Ohtori - Nanami - nerd boys - Ruka - Saionji - shadow girls - Shiori - Tatsuya - Tokiko - Touga - Utena - Wakaba - Yuuko.

by group

Main story: Akio - Anthy - Dios - Utena.

Nanami’s minions: Aiko - Keiko -Yuuko .

Jay Scott <jay@satirist.org>
first posted 17 July 2023
updated 25 April 2024