Poems by Jay J.P. Scott

(Not to be confused with other people named Jay Scott.)

Latest addition: The Age is Hilarious, added 11 February 2024.

Read my best poems or look to the blue bar on the left. Most of these were originally written for the Daily Whale, my daily joke, epigram, or satirical tidbit. All are short; most are funny; all are formalist (no free verse, other than the odd parody), though some of the forms are alien to tradition.

Squirming and squirming in the brightening glare,
The voters hear an executioner;
They’re not sure who; the center is long gone;
Extremism rides in like Genghis Khan;
The best are unconvinced, and now the worst
Say that they are on balance unconvicted.

I think there’s something scary going on.
I think there’s an election going on!
Election! I have hardly said the word
When an old cartoon composed by Thomas Nast
Comes to my mind: A fat malignant vulture,
Born wealthy and still thinking of itself,
Is brooding its cash eggs, while all around it
Details are indistinct. I must suppose
That eight fair years of cautious governance
Have cleared the corridors for capital,
And what rich tough, his power come home to roost,
Crouches over Washington like a storm?
November 2016

I also wrote a poetry program, Authorial Intent.