It’s Time to Rise • And Face the Day

It’s Time to Rise • And Face the Day
The American Mood, 2012
voice of a bird:   voice of an American:
when dark earth fell above, and hot sun rose below,   have a bed • and lack a daisy
the rock of moments cleft for me   ill an hour • and welladay
counterpart and destiny   heaven darkens • hell is blazing
in which my rugged family was closed   farewell • cruel breakfast tray
to let me free
1 September 2015
A poem for two or three voices. Each line on the left is to be spoken starting simultaneously with the corresponding line on the right. The title is in the voice of the author, and can be left out of a performance as not part of the poem proper, or spoken before as it is written, or spoken to fill in the missing line at the end on the right.

It took me a long time to finish this one.

I worry that no one will understand, so here is a hint: What use of the word “counterpart” is related to rocks?