The Two Raindrops

The Two Raindrops
The far night
caught in its bell jar a coming storm
which then caught me: The first
drops fell
seconds apart
to tap on my hair and shoulders and star the pavement.

My slow day
over and near home, I felt no hurry
but smelled warm rain and watched
the clouds coolly
seeking the range
to batter our vacant windows and roads. My hands

fell loosely,
out of my thoughts, when without a sound
my left palm felt a drop.
In a few seconds
the following drop
symmetrically struck my opposite palm and rang.
25 January 2016
An inset from the science fiction work Albuquerque on Earth, where it represents the product of a fictional future school of poetry, “sculpturism”. A little self-indulgent, maybe? I’m pleased with how well it meets the goal of reading like the product of an unfamiliar but mature tradition. I have gained enough experience with sculpted meter to show some sophistication. It was tough, though. My notebook shows that I worked on it on 40 days over a period of four months.

It is a true story. The two raindrops hit my palms on the night of 27 July 2014 shortly before 10pm, a dreamlike experience. Every literal detail is accurate to the best of my ability.