Philadelphia symbols

On my way to an event in Philadelphia, I wandered around a little near City Hall.

I went to Love Park. Its centerpiece is a fountain that plainly symbolizes sex. I went past the much-copied “unique sculpture” (that’s how the plaque describes it) to watch the fountain, and saw that it is colored and outfitted like a swimming pool. It’s inviting people to jump in, and I was disappointed that nobody had. Then I went next door to the Municipal Services Building and looked at the giant game pieces. They can only symbolize gaming the system; it’s hard to interpret any other way. From what I hear, some of the services offered in that building may be tough to navigate any other way. Even the Comcast building nearby has sculptures of people walking on narrow beams far above the ground, which is a good metaphor for Comcast’s service: It’s OK as long as nothing goes astray, but put a foot wrong and you will be unsupported.

I gather that artists feel free to express their opinions plainly. They are confident that the people with the money will not understand.

added 13 March 2016