A parody of an advertisement for the album “Water” by the band Left Brain, followed by a fictional interview with the musicians.

The crunchthrough album from Mesencephalon is here.

Wafer is the highpoint of 2000 years of culino-musical development. Drawing on sources ranging from ancient Communion to leading edge Nilla and Scale Integration, combining free-form packaging with down-to-earth advertisement, Wafer is an ectype of the ultramontane macrocosm. Besides, it tastes good!

Mesencephalon created Wafer as testimony of the universality of diet, especially the universality of snack food. TV devotes more commercial time to food than to any other product area. Most lunches consist of food. “A catered dinner is organized food.”* The album is a tasteful excuse to head for the cupboard and pick yourself out a generous selection of munchies.

You are what you eat, so eat Wafer today!

* The Kookaburra Anthology


Interviewer: “Mesencephalon” is a pretty unusual name. How did you come by it?

Paul-Bear: We just ran across it one day, and it stuck. We liked the way it was so—now, what’s that word? Tonic?

Arrowhead: Byronic?

Paul-Bear: Supersonic?

Arrowhead: Embryonic! That’s it.

Paul-Bear: Yeah, so embryonic. It was just so us, you know.

Interviewer: Er, right. One last question. Do you have any particular plans for the future?

Arrowhead: No.

Paul-Bear: Yeah, someday—

Arrowhead: No, someday we want to write a song that doesn’t make any sense. You know, our lyrics have always been so strict and rational, we want to get away from that a little.

Paul-Bear: No, yeah. That’s not a plan.

updated 14 January 2012 with the interview