your future success

what do these professionals have in common?

+ ad copywriters
+ critics
* expert witnesses
* fortune tellers
* ghost writers
* philosophers
* portrait artists
* pundits
+ spokespersons
+ statisticians
+ trial lawyers

and why is it important to you?

These people assure you of your future success. They tell you, don’t worry if you make a mistake, it’s immaterial. They tell you by example, firmly and without drama. They speak truth, because they are paid to be wrong.

You can be wrong too! Even in other professions, accuracy often doesn’t matter. How many newspaper columnists, how many auto mechanics, how many psychiatrists get their data straight? So face the future fearlessly, confident of your freedom to forget the facts!

This feature brought to you by Jay Scott and Elliott Moreton. To make everything obvious, the professions Elliott found are marked “+” and mine are “*”.

updated 28 June 2000