10 June 2007 - anfractuous head

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In The Best Modern Way

,somewhere i could never travel
madly beyond
any understanding thy
anfractuous head
  lines like headlights
and they
  illuminating space
  driving elbow colon
send he said the rubber
bands flying but they broke i
think the rubber bands still are

    hang it
  all can there be only
one cantos but
  no shantih shantih shantih


The title “In The Best Modern Way” is from W.B. Yeats. I see references to T.S. Eliot, e.e. cummings, and Ezra Pound. You might be able to find more. I wrote this at age 16. If I’d kept on working as hard on my writing as I did that year, by now I’d probably be good at it!

give me a clue so sweet and true

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