silly terms of service

Terms of service and other consumer agreements are often silly.

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When I’m thinking of using a service, I like to read the terms of service, and when I use software, I like to read the license. Reading is one of my many personal failings. You’re supposed to click Agree without reading. They deliberately make the so-called agreements hard to read, so that you’ll legally agree whether or not you would actually agree if you knew what you were getting into. I’m cantankerous that way.

I’m no lawyer, or any other kind of expert on the subject. I’m a computer programmer, and in matters of fussy detail computers leave lawyers looking like donkeys in a car race—in other words, I don’t have the right expertise, but I do have the right attitude to notice mistaken details. But anybody who plows through these agreements, words that were never meant for human eyes, is sure to turn up some strange artifacts.

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