machine writing

Computers are far from being able to write novels, but they’re skilled enough at snippets and short verses. Which of these six morsels were written by computer programs, and which by humans? And a second question, which I consider unrelated: Which ones give you a sense of engagement with the author? Answers at the end.

(1)	Slide and tumble and fall among
	The dead. Here and there
	Will be found a utensil.

(2)	  restraining order
	cable teevee yuk-inspiring
	  because i said so.

(3)	ink: the hydrant of certitude 

(4)	  overanalyze
	heart of glass transmogrify
	  chmod mucilage

(5)	     with anger
	 Look! a
	able bureau

(6)	Salt and pepper, god and slave,
	Dig a wormhole for my grave.

Finished thinking? Follow this link to see the answers.

(Years after this, I wrote my own poetry program, Authorial Intent.)

originally written August 1997
last updated March 2010 with the crosslink