Utena - who should watch Utena?

Hint: This is a joke. That is what makes it true.

Who should see Revolutionary Girl Utena? In Should you watch Utena?, Yasha @ Empty Movement proposes a three-part test: Do you want to understand how people tick? Do you like playing in the jungle gym of symbols? Can you grok the abuse without feeling too abused? (I’m yes to all three, by the way.)

Utena fights with broken sword and tattered clothing

I offer a simpler test. Show your ignorant mark this frame from episode 12, and describe it with complete honesty:

This is Utena. She’s dueling a big guy with a powered-up sword, and her mundane sword is already broken. Of course she wins in the end, but her clothing sure gets torn up along the way.

After that, anyone who wants to watch Utena—should not. And anyone who looks at you skeptically and refuses to see Utena—should.

Jay Scott <jay@satirist.org>
first posted 23 November 2021