3 December 2000 - the incomprehensible

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I shall salt the tail of the incomprehensible. Yea, though I walk through the valley of the shadow of Duluth I shall fear no weevil, for I am protected by the flying toasters of fate. Look! There’s the incomprehensible now! Ready, aim, iodize! When you catch what you don’t understand, it will softly and suddenly vanish away like the long dark randomly-chosen noun of the soul all set about with fever trees. Try it, it’s fun!


This barely-coherent Whale, all set about with cultural references, is inspired by the excellent barely-coherent comic strip Fluble, now defunct. By the way, the weevil that I don’t fear is the milfoil weevil Euhrychiopsis lecontei. Others could be dangerous.

give me a clue so sweet and true

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