3 October 2006 - Mexico fence

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Fencing Off Mexico

Republican strategist: Illegal immigration is a good election issue.
Congress eel: Infiltration? What are the options?
staffer: Borders can be successfully sealed. The Berlin Wall, the DMZ in Korea....
eel: Hmm. Can we get old Iron Curtain material cheap?
staffer: I think it’s already reduced to souvenirs.
strategist: It’s important to sidestep the argument that it won’t work as long as there are so many jobs in America.
eel: Who wants it to work? I need my servants!
staffer: With a little more time, we can solve the economic disparity problem. We already have to sacrifice some growth to keep the Army running.


Congress passed a bill to build 700 miles of security fence along the U.S.-Mexico border, a plan that deserves more ridicule than fits here.

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