14 September 2009 - Coast Guard and CNN

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journalist: Some have said that it was a mistake to hold an anti-terrorism exercise on the September 11 anniversary.
Coast Guard: It was good motivation. It’s really an internal affair, isn’t it? And it’s egg on CNN’s face for not checking their facts before reporting it as real.
journalist: Still, it has been called insensitive. Will you change policy for the future?
Coast Guard: Routine after-action analysis does indicate possible tactical disadvantages to allowing black hats to eavesdrop.
journalist: Are you saying that CNN is the bad guys?
Coast Guard: Therefore we have decided to encrypt all communications that will be going over the air, effective vzzrqvngryl.
journalist: Could you repeat that?
Coast Guard: Lbh jvyy arire haqrefgnaq hf naljnl, fb vg’f ab ybff.

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