5 February 2010 - stolen data

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Germany to Buy Stolen Data on Swiss Accounts of Tax Evaders

Germany: Let go! Let go! There’s no need to wrestle.
conscience: Who are you paying millions of euros to? Organized crime?
Germany: It’s perfectly legal, I decided so myself.
conscience: And what for? Your own profit?
Germany: There is a moral imperative to combat the crime of tax evasion.
conscience: And the harm to others?
Germany: Switzerland believes in self-reliance, right? Anyway, supporting organized cyberattacks is the best way to get banks to take security seriously.
conscience: OK, good answers. Go for it.


What would you do—let rich tax evaders get away with it, or support data theft and create new rich tax evaders on a smaller scale? A beautiful moral dilemma.

give me a clue so sweet and true

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