13 October 2010 - root out terrorism

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Law and Order, the Immovable Object

The FBI is under intense pressure to root out terrorism. But, as much as we might like to imagine otherwise, terrorism is very rare in the United States. Pity the sad FBI agent who must score arrests and convictions to have a successful career, even when assigned to a beat that is short on criminals. Aww, there’s no choice but to arrest bozos and harrass the innocent, how unpleasant! Pity even more their bosses who, due to politican demands, were forced to set up the dysfunctional system. But save most of your pity for the American electorate, who are not awake enough to notice that they demand the violation of their own ideals.


But seriously, more reasonable career evaluation in the FBI would make sense.

give me a clue so sweet and true

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