25 July 1998 - Mike and Diane’s UFO

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Interviewer: I understand that you have exposed Mike and Diane’s event as a hoax. And you ought to know, right?

Mike & Diane’s former Internet service provider: That’s right, “INTERVIEWER”. Thank’s to our exceptional diligence, “UFO” has UNCOVERED the massive media SCAM of “MIKE and DIANNE” and even learned how to WRITE and “SPEL”. The Scammers concealed that they were insane from the START, and never INTENDED to follow through, not even FOR FUN. “UFO” has proof that “OSCAR THE GROUCH” attempted to BILK the “U.S. TREASURY” and the UNITED NATION’S of millions of HARD WORKING “DOLLAR’S”. Fortunately you can TRUST “UFO” because we’re successful CRANKS and PURVEYORS of the most exclusive adult “ENTERTAINMENT’S”.


Yes, the original text does look a bit like this parody. I’ve substituted UFO for IEG, the Internet Entertainment Group, which seems to specialize in pornography. Ooh, what a surprise.

give me a clue so sweet and true

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