18 February 2003 - rudeness contest

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announcer: And now, the event you’ve all been waiting for: the Rumsfeld-Chirac Directness Contest!
Rumsfeld: You mean rudeness contest.
Chirac: That is not responsible behavior.
announcer: And they’re off!
Rumsfeld: I must say, the long-term presence of France in Europe is unnatural.
Chirac: You are missing another opportunity to keep quiet.


Chirac’s words are based on his condescending, bullying (sorry, I mean “controversial”) remarks aimed at the new candidates for entry into the European Union. Rumsfeld said, promoting nation-building in Afghanistan, “A long-term foreign presence in a country can be unnatural.”

Today’s Whale is nearly a day late, because of the heavy snowfall. Sorry! Next time I’ll use a reputable weather-control machine!

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